Channel Management

  • Setup of official stores in E-marketplaces

  • Listing of SKUs

  • Store setup and design

  • Management of customer services on E-marketplaces

Report Consolidation

  • Scheduled Sales report consolidated from various channel of sales

  • Detailed reports on breakdown of sales

Campaign Planning

  • Liasing with client and e-marketplace to come up with campaign strategy

  • Implementation and execution of campaign

  • Monitoring of campaign during and after campaign

  • Campaigns to achieve growth

Business Analysis

  • Analyze sales data and history  to provide detailed information to client on channels’ health & growth

  • Measuring Key Performance Indexes of client’s products and sales

  • Ensuring together with clients to make informed decision based on data and analysis

Demand Planning

  • Forecasting the RIGHT SKUs and quantity are available for sales to reduce loss of sales opportunity

  • Reduce on hand inventory cost of client

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