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(A Brief Introduction About Us)

Founded in 2009, we have been pioneering e-commerce fulfilment services to help businesses realize their full online potential. Today, through our powerful proprietary system ODIN and our network of sprawling warehouses and logistics infrastructure, we provide a full-fledged ecommerce system – designed and built specifically for the local markets of South East Asia. Our competitive edge is honed by hiring the best talents in local teams that understand and harness the unique challenges and various market cultures of the region.

Mid Year Sales Carnival

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Our One Stop E-Commerce Fulfilment Services

(Solving your E Commerce fulfilment needs beyond boundaries)

Product Packaging


Pay only for the space you use, helping you save cost and gear for seasonal order hikes!

Pick and Pack

Your orders quickly picked and reliably packed by our trained handlers


Access to our powerful, 24/7 availability, cloudbased e-commerce fulfilment and inventory

Last Mile Service

Deliver to your customer’s doorstep, using the best carrier/courier, cost-optimised to location and service levels.

Free Up Time and Resources

(Grow your business by leaving e-commerce details like inventory management, warehousing, logistics, and fulfilment to the experts.)

Our flagship warehouse with 120,000 sqf of storage space

Trained handlers to pick and pack your orders

Dedicated account manager to mange your ODIN account

Our reliable last mile fulfillment partners ensures that your orders is shipped to it's destination

We have all the space you need

Regional Capabilities

With fulfillment centers set up in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China to meet clients requirements and needs.

Fulfillment Center



Happy Clients

Let’s Chat

Our team will respond to your enquries promptly

Here’s why we encourage you to work with us

(Grow your business by leaving e-commerce details like inventory management, warehousing, logistics, and fulfilment to the experts.)

Proven Track Record

We are the experts and pioneers in ecommerce fulfilment since 2009. Our track record speaks for itself

Performance Oriented

We measure ourselves based on Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost performance objectives, so that YOUR business will achieve its objectives


With major marketplaces, websites and last mile providers to provide your online business with seamless marketing, sales and fulfillment.

More than Just fulfillment

We provide you with powerful e-commerce capabilities beyond fulfilment, including the ability to increase aftersales engagement and engage in true omnichannel marketing and sales. We aim to be your one-stop e-commerce solutions provider.

Regional Capabilities

iStore iSend is your gateway to digital commerce in ASEAN, and beyond. With our fulfilment centers set up in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China, you will be poised to grow your business and expand your brand in the region

Dedicated Account Manager

Our account managers respond promptly, accurately, and are knowledgeable with all our engineered solutions and services. Our goal is to provide you and your customers with an exceptional experience. Every account, big or small, is important to us.

Our Happy Clients

Is your E-Commerce business ready to cope if demand for your product suddenly surged 1200%?

In the months following the Malaysian MCO, many of our clients experienced a tremendous surge in demand for their products. Backed by the power of iStore iSend’s technology-driven, highly scalable e-commerce fulfilment system and infrastructure, our clients’ businesses sailed through a time when others floundered. We’re prepared for you. Are you prepared for your customers?

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